Allen's Drumsticks 170g

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Allens Lollies - Australian lollies

Allens lollies needs no introduction: as far as top quality Australian lollies go, Allens lollies is a household name.

This product has been discontinued by Allen's.
Colour: Multicolour
Flavour: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry
Size: 170g
Approximately 24 ice creams in each pack


Glucose Syrup ( Wheat Or Corn), Cane Sugar, Thickener (Dextrin Roasted Starch, Acid Treated Starch Or Starch Acetate)( Wheat ), Gelatine, Flavours, Colours (Titanium Dioxide, Carminic Acid, Vegetable Carbon, Carotene), Malt Extract ( Barley ), Salt. Contains Gluten. May Contain Milk.

Specifications for Allen's Drumsticks 170g

Size 1 Pack or Bulk Box 12 Units
Colour Multi Coloured
Flavour Ice Cream
Country of Origin Australia

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