Allen's Strawberries & Cream 190g

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Allens Lollies - Australian lollies

Allens lollies needs no introduction: as far as top quality Australian lollies go, Allens lollies is a household name.

A classic red and white bulk confectionery party treat for the loot bags at any self-respecting Aussie kid's birthday party.
Colour: Red and white
Flavour: Strawberries and cream
Size: 190g


Glucose Syrup ( Wheat Or Corn), Cane Sugar, Thickener (Dextrin Roasted Starch, Acid Treated Starch Or Starch Acetate)( Wheat ), Gelatine, Food Acid (Citric), Flavours, Colour (Carminic Acid). Contains Wheat. May Contain Milk.

Specifications for Allen's Strawberries & Cream 190g

Size 190g Bag or Bulk Box 12 Units
Colour Red
Flavour Strawberry
Country of Origin Australia

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