Allsorts Liquorice 500g

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Next time you reach for the All Sorts Licorice, consider this: licorice has health benefits too!
Flavour: Licorice
Colour: Green, yellow, pink, black, white
Weight: 1 kg

It’s well known to all, licorice tastes great. It’s chewy, peppery, and sweet at the same time. The Allsorts Licorice are a classic addition to every candy bar buffet, with their delicious layers of flavour and bright cheery colours. But have you ever really wondered about the history of licorice? The herb licorice has been around since ancient times. The egyptian King Tutankhamun was a great fan of licorice and wanted to take it with him to the afterlife. The Greeks used it to cure coughs and alleviate thirst and dehydration. In the Middle Ages, they used it to soothe indigestion. They even called it the grain of paradise! Southern Europeans drank licorice water to purify their blood. Candy Bar Sydney isn’t sure how accurate that last one is, but we love Allsorts Licorice, and would welcome the idea that maybe a 1kg pack could soothe a sore throat. But if nothing else, it’s pure deliciousness.

Specifications for Allsorts Liquorice 500g

Size 500g or 5kg Box
Colour Multi Coloured
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Flavour Licorice
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia

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