Belgian Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Flavour: roasted coffee beans covered in dark chocolate
Approximately: 1.5cm x 1.5cm in diameter
Australian Made
Made with couverture chocolate
Weight: 500g

5.96 5.96 AUD 7.95


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Belgian Dark Chocolate 

Our handmade chocolates begin with a story starting born in the West of Africa. Cocoa beans sourced from the West African Recipe and a recipe dating back to Octaaf Callebaut in 1911, our Belgian dark chocolate is made using the famous Wieze cocoa blend. Callebaut uses a fine selection process to dark chocolate of an exceptional quality. These African cocoa beans transform into the chocolate we all know and love inside Callebaut's facility south of Brussels. 

This fine Belgian chocolate has been enjoyed for generations, and we are proud to use this dark couverture in our gourmet chocolate gifts. Based in our Sydney Chocolaterie and lead by our team of artisan Chocolatiers, our handmade chocolates are crafted right at home, complete with a promise of exceptional quality. 


Colour Brown
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Dietary Needs Vegan
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Australia
Chocolate Type Dark Chocolate
Size 150g Bag