Belgian Milk Chocolate Allen's Bananas

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Enjoy an indulgent take on a childhood favourite with our delicious Belgian Milk Chocolate Bananas. Lovingly handmade by artisans in our Sydney chocolate factory, first-rate Belgian chocolate fully envelops Allen's appealingly creamy and soft banana lollies in this superbly cheerful bite-sized treat!

Belgian Milk Chocolate Allen's Bananas

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Both kids and adults are guaranteed to enjoy the exquisitely suave and rich taste of Barry Callebaut's artisan chocolate paired with the mouth-watering pillowy goodness of Allen's Bananas. Made without artificial colouring and sourced only from the finest confectionery ingredients, Allen's Bananas' bright flavours melodiously meld with the blissfully bold taste of fine Belgian milk chocolate.

Classic Crowd-Pleaser

A stand-out favourite within the Allen's confectionery range, Allen's Bananas are a landmark lolly beloved by every generation. Sydney chocolatiers now introduce a sophisticated twist to this classic crowd-pleaser, sumptuously smothering the iconic melt-in-your-mouth banana lollies in irresistibly smooth Belgian milk chocolate.

Superior ingredients and premium quality is what sets Allen's as the industry standard for banana-flavoured lollies, ensuring that confectionery fans of every age get that superbly smooth texture with every flavour-packed bite. 

Treat yourself with a bag of our blissful Belgian chocolate-covered Allen's Bananas whether you're looking to dip into nostalgia or a simply indulgent snack. 

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Handcrafted Australian Chocolate

Our chocolate-covered confectionery offerings proudly use the finest Belgian couverture chocolates from Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality wholesale chocolates and cocoa. 

With only the finest chocolates from Belgium, our expert Sydney chocolatiers proudly create delectable chocolate treats from cherished Australian sweets to delight confectionery lovers of every age and generation.

Specifications for Belgian Milk Chocolate Allen's Bananas

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Size 150g Bag

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