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Perk up your taste buds with this indulgent twist on an Allen's original: delectably juicy jelly babies, in a variety of brilliantly fruity flavours, elegantly enveloped in velvety Belgian Milk Chocolate. What's not to love? Our passionate chocolatiers masterfully elevate much-loved Allen's Jelly Babies in this delightful chocolate covered confection.

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As one of the oldest confections from Allen's Lollies, these wonderfully soft and succulent Jelly Babies have always been a sure-fire Aussie favourite. Charmingly cute and chewy, jelly babies as a confection have been making the rounds in candy cupboards since the 19th century! 

But despite being a worldwide phenomenon, it's Allen's Jelly Babies' truly premium ingredients and dedication to quality that makes them the baby-shaped jube lolly of choice across Australia.

We're proud to honour this classic confection with an element of similarly rich history (and flavour) – the timeless Belgian chocolate. Candy fans of all ages will love the exquisite taste and texture combination of deliciously soft jube lollies delicately dipped in fine and silky Belgian milk chocolate. 

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Valentine's Day or not, our love affair with fine, gourmet chocolate runs strong, fuelling our passion for handcrafting only the most indulgent boutique chocolate creations for Sydney and beyond.

Surprise your senses with flavours of ripe raspberry, crisp apple, zesty orange, luscious strawberry, tasty aniseed, sweet apricot, yummy vanilla, juicy blackcurrant or wild blueberry, all brilliantly coated in luscious Belgian couverture chocolate. What flavour's next?

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Specifications for Belgian Milk Chocolate Allen's Jelly Babies

Size 150g Bag or 750g Bag or Bulk 5kg Box
Colour Brown
Brand Candy Bar Sydney

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