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Bursting with sunny tropical flavours, Allen's Pineapples bring on the taste of summer regardless of the season. Our expert chocolate artisans give these popular pineapple lollies a deluxe makeover, thoroughly coating them in silky, premium Belgian milk chocolate.

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Summer in a bite

Barry Callebaut's irresistibly delicious and velvety smooth milk chocolate perfectly balances the bright, honeyed notes of Allen's Pineapples. Ultra-creamy premium milk chocolate embrace each signature yellow and green pineapple jelly, giving you a tasty combination of textures with every delightfully squishy bite.

Tropical Treat

Available in beautifully bite-sized pieces, our milk chocolate covered Allen's Pineapples are perfect for personal nibbling or party sharing, but we highly recommend the latter!

Sharing is caring and since we care our absolute best, we only share delightfully sublime chocolate treats that are expertly handmade by our chocolatiers from the very best Belgian chocolates, with you.

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Juicy bite-sized pineapple jellies perfectly dipped in superior Belgian milk chocolate make for absolute confection perfection in this stylish refashioning of Allen's beloved tasty tropical treat.

Indigenous to South America, pineapples were originally cultivated by the Aztecs and Mayans and only introduced globally in the 1500s by European navigators. 1838 marks the year when these tropical fruits were first recorded in Australia, with commercial cultivation beginning in the 1840s in Brisbane.

Their uniquely sweet and summery taste lends easily to confectionery, making pineapples a widely popular flavour choice. Allen's Pineapples are proudly Australian-made, contains no artificial colours, and are manufactured only from the finest confectionery ingredients making them the ideal companion to our fine couverture chocolates sourced straight from Belgium.

Specifications for Belgian Milk Chocolate Allen's Pineapples

Colour Brown
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Size 150g Bag

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