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A certified cult favourite in Australia's confectionery scene, old fashioned spearmint leaves go gourmet in this fresh chocolate concoction. Cadbury's vividly green and minty lollies are carefully coated in marvellously smooth Belgian milk chocolate by dedicated artisans from our Sydney chocolaterie.

An Australian candy buffet staple, spearmint leaves meets Belgium's finest in this classic mint chocolate confection. Our Belgian Milk Chocolate Spearmint Leaves are personally handcrafted from Cadbury's Spearmint Leaves delightfully dipped in premium Barry Callebaut chocolate.

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Today, we celebrate this popular pair of flavours every February 19th during National Chocolate Mint Day. But why wait? 

Celebrate these timeless flavours with our Belgian Milk Chocolate Spearmint Leaves. Candy lovers are sure to enjoy the taste of vibrant spearmint splendidly tempered by the delightful sweetness of fine Belgian chocolate in every satisfyingly chewy bite.

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Whether it's out of nostalgia or love for its wonderfully fresh and invigorating mint flavour, the verdict is in: spearmint leaves are an Australian confectionery favourite and they're here to stay. Luscious, high-quality Belgian milk chocolate is a welcome addition to this treasured confection, elevating it to timeless classic. 

The origin of mint chocolate in confectionery has been traced as far as the mid-1800s, but it wasn't until the turn of the century when improved confectionery technology allowed for mass production. One of the earliest producers of chocolate mints was a New York candy company with chains throughout North America, helping popularise mint chocolate as a flavour combination.

Specifications for Belgian Milk Chocolate Spearmint Leaves

Colour Brown
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Size 200g Bag

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