Belgian White Chocolate Allen's Ripe Raspberries

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Raspberry Jelly Lollies covered in white chocolate. The jelly lolly that leaves your mom’s fresh-baked raspberry treats in the dust.
Flavour: White chocolate and raspberry
Colour: White

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Known for their delicately balanced taste, splendid satin gloss and delightful texture, Barry Callebaut's white couverture chocolates lend a brilliant finish and satisfying snap to each generously coated jelly drop. 

Look, we try not to toot our own horn, but our professional artisans have truly triumphed in transforming an iconic childhood favourite into a dreamy, creamy classic with our Belgian White Chocolate Allen's Ripe Raspberries. But hey, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – just try not to finish the entire bag!

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Supremely smooth Belgian white chocolate preciously cloak each juicy raspberry lolly. Sourced only from the finest ingredients, this delightfully enchanting chocolate fruit snack couples the flavour-packed goodness of Allen's Ripe Raspberries with the beautifully balanced milky taste of Barry Callebaut's Belgian white chocolate. 

Inspired by creamy fruit desserts, our white chocolate covered ripe raspberries are the ultimate confectionery equivalent of a tasty raspberry fool. But where did 'fool' come from? Why disrespect a perfectly delicious dessert?! 

Some say the term 'fool', a form of the older English 'foole', comes from the French 'fouler', meaning 'to crush' – appropriate given that fruit fools generally involve chopping, crushing or pureeing fruit to be slathered in cream. Others have attributed it to the French 'fou', meaning 'mad', which could refer to the madly blended mix of fruit and cream.

Whatever it is, we'd be mad not to be a fool for something as delectable as fresh fruits with generous dollops of rich, country cream. The next best thing? Our white chocolate covered ripe raspberries.

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Specifications for Belgian White Chocolate Allen's Ripe Raspberries

Colour White
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Event / Occasion Wedding
Flavour Raspberry
Country of Origin Australia
Size 200g Bag

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