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Treasured crowd favourite Allen's Strawberries & Cream gets even creamier with a generous serving of superior Belgian white chocolate. Indulgently buttery imported chocolate sumptuously surround Australia's beloved strawberry jelly and cream foam lolly.


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Dedicated chocolatiers in our Sydney chocolate factory skilfully prepare each white chocolate covered jelly treat, expertly balancing the deep, sweet flavours of ripe strawberries with the subtle notes of vanilla, caramel and cream. Enjoy the delicate taste and sublime texture of top-quality white chocolate as it flawlessly eases you into the luscious juiciness of ripe strawberries with every mouth-watering bite.

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A long-standing Australian classic, Allen's Strawberries and Cream are made only from superior confectionery ingredients and without any artificial colouring, which is why it’s only fitting that we pair such outstanding quality with first-rate chocolate. Distinctly Belgian, Barry Callebaut's couverture white chocolates are made with fresh milk and sugar directly sourced from the Belgian countryside.

Practically synonymous with Wimbledon, strawberries and cream are the tournament's most famous food, with an estimated 27 tonnes of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream consumed by tennis fan every year. But just how did the simple strawberry become slam's sweet treat?

The answer's less definitive than the numbers, with the general consensus being that we've got a couple of fortunate events to thank: a good strawberry season and Victorian food trends. Apparently, just when afternoon tea rituals started trending at Wimbledon, one of its staple food accessories – strawberries – was serendipitously in season at the time. And so it began. 

Specifications for Belgian White Chocolate Allen's Strawberries & Cream

Colour White
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Size 150g Bag

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