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Now here is a sweet and beautiful story with all the important elements: personable characters, a bit of intrigue, passion, dedication, tragedy... and sugar. You might want to crack open a pack of your favourite Darrell Lea chocolate while you read it. In 1927, the Leas welcomed their newest addition to the family, Darrell Bernard Lea, a bouncing baby boy. So enamoured were they with their newest bundle, Harry Lea established a humble chocolate company and named it after the little tyke in his honour. From humble beginnings with a pushcart and lovingly handmade sweets, the company flourished and remained family owned. Their first Sydney candy factory chugged along harmoniously under the iconic Harbour Bridge, and they delivered their Darrell Lea chocolates, Darrell Lea licorice, and all sorts of bulk confectionery treasures to stockists everywhere. At their peak, they had 81 privately owned Darrell Lea shops and supplied their sweet treats to close to 2000 outlets. Darrell Lea's reputation for deliciousness has even travelled the lengths of the globe, and you'll find their specialty mixes in Germany, the USA, Canada, Britain, and South Africa. So what sets Darrell Lea apart? Quality and originality. These lollies aren't just delicious, they are one of a kind. They're treats you know and love and you've loved them for years. We're not sure if it was the Rocklea Road that first set the confectionery world on fire or whether it was the soft eating licorice in flavours like mango, green apple, and strawberry. Darrell Lea certainly stole our candy coated hearts with treasures like caramel snows, chocolate peanut clusters, coconut ice, and raspberry twists. Don't forget the peanut brittle, the licorice allsorts, coconut roughs, and the double coated chocolate bites. So where's the tragedy in this story, you ask? Well, here it comes (get out your tissues and grab the licorice). No-one quite knows what the future holds for Darrell Lea. Times are tough, it seems. Darrell Lea remains an iconic Aussie confectionery brand, and Candy Bar Sydney is thrilled to be a Darrell Lea stockist. We'll make sure you can still get your hands on those coveted Darrell Lea bulk lollies whenever you want.