Cacao Barry Mi-Amère 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture Pistoles 10kg

This dark couverture chocolate with delicately roasted cocoa taste reveals subtle sourish vegetal hints.

Composition: 58% Cacao (38% Cocoa Butter, 19% Fat free cocoa), 38% Fat (38% Cocoa Butter, 0% Milk fat)

Pairing tips: Anise Seeds, Black Cherry, Sour Cherry, Raspberry, Sesame, Coffee

Origin of beans: Mainly West African cocoa beans, mostly Forastero variety

Application: Ganache filling, Moulding, Enrobing

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Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry offers a wide choice of products to meet the demands of every chef including a rich, diverse selection of chocolates and pure cocoa-based products.


Size Bulk 10kg Bag or Carton (2 x 10kg)
Brand Cacao Barry
Dietary Needs Vegetarian
Flavour Dark Chocolate
Country of Origin France