You must be feeling particularly festive if you're browsing the bunting and garlands! Why not shout "it's Christmas!" as cheerfully as possible from the rooftops, right? We couldn't agree more! That's why we carefully selected this sensational range of seasonal "hanging things". Honeycomb balls and fun Christmas shapes, flamboyant bunting flags, cheerful banners, cheeky tassels, celebratory streamers, elegant ornaments and even a Santa pinata or two. (Go easy on Santa with that baseball bat, will you? He does a helluva job.) Australian partyware design companies like Shmick are making sure that the Christmas halls are decked as tastefully and stylishly as possible. Candy Bar Sydney encourages you to drape our garlands affectionately on your candy buffet table, to hang our bunting flags gleefully from trees and Hills Hoists, and to shake and shimmy our Christmas tassels from whatever surfaces seem appropriate at the time.