There are two types of Valentines out there. There are the quiet, retiring types. They like simple, thoughtful gestures on Valentine's Day but don't need a marching band, if you know what I mean. Then there are the Valentines that need to shout it from the mountain tops when they're in love (or desperately hope that you'll be shouting it from the mountain tops in their honour). Flamboyant, cheeky and vocal, these are the Valentines for which you'll probably have to plan a public marriage proposal that had better go viral. If you or your Valentine fits into this category, you're going to need loud and fabulous love declarations, and this here Sydney lolly warehouse has you covered. Our Valentine's Day banners are passionate and traffic-stopping in their sentiment. Our bunting flags are sweet, adorable and not exactly easy to miss. For the Valentines among you that need a more public declaration.

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