Are you in the dog house on Valentine's Day? Sorry to hear that, that's rough. Did you forget Valentine's Day entirely, or just come home empty-handed? Ouch. Gee, I wish there was something we could do to help you out. Hey... how about this? A massive Valentine's Day party. An ode to love and a deeply humble apology to your scorned lover. An insanely loud and proud dessert table bursting with lollies - the biggest, boldest candy buffet you've ever seen. And as a sign of your (misunderstood) generosity, order the Valentine's Day lolly bags in bulk. Be the most generous host you can and let your guests devour the candy bar and snaffle all the treats in classy and stylish loot bags. Polka dots, stripes, single-colour shades of pink. Classic bags or heart-shaped treat boxes or even sleek and stylish cones. And revel in their satisfied, sugared-up smiles, knowing you saved Valentine's Day.