Callebaut Dark Chocolate Baking Sticks 300 Pieces
27.95 27.95 27.95 AUD
Looking for a perfect match for your all-organic bakes and rolls? With Callebaut 100% organic dark chocolate baking sticks you're on a roll. They're made of organic cocoa beans and cane sugar and low in cocoa butter to resist oven temperatures up to 200°C.

Simply roll or wrap them in the dough and bake. They'll melt without burning and after cooling they'll slightly harden again and add a lovely snap and intense, bittersweet chocolate taste to your pains au chocolat, Danish pastries and artisan bakes.

Each piece is approximately 8cm long and made with 44% Callebaut Dark Chocolate.
Domori Vidama Ganache Pastilles 68%
34.95 34.95 34.95 AUD
Dark chocolate created from the finest aromatic cacaos from the Ivory Coast of Africa.
Flavour: Dark Chocolate
Size: 20g Sample, 500g Bag, 5k Bag
Valrhona 48% Dark Couverture Chocolate Batons 3.2G 8CM
29.95 29.95 29.95 AUD
48% Dark Chocolate Sticks specifically designed for a strong chocolatey flavour in pastries. Completely stable for baking . Size: 8cm. 1.6kg box.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Half Flake Bar 100 x 15g
57.95 57.95 57.95 AUD
Delicious bite size pieces of famous Cadbury Flake Bars. Each box has 100 half flake bars, each perfect for a moment of milk chocolate indulgence
Valrhona Dulcey 35% Crunchy Pearls
11.95 11.95 11.950000000000001 AUD
Toasted cereal covered with Valrhona's creamy blonde chocolate, these crunchy pearls help add a delicious crunch to your cakes, pastries, mousses and other desserts.
Valrhona Crunchy Hazelnut and Almond Praline 5kg
214.95 214.95 214.95000000000002 AUD
A perfect blend of hazelnut and almonds, this crunchy praline offers a unique nutty experience to your desserts.
Valrhona 55% Dark Chocolate Hollow Shells - 504 Pieces
124.95 124.95 124.95 AUD
Dark chocolate shells, ready to fill with any assortment of desserts and creams. 55% cocoa content gives these shells an elegant yet bitter flavour.

504 Piece box.
Valrhona 55% Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearls
10.95 10.95 10.950000000000001 AUD
A premium tasting treat doubled as an elegant crunchy caramel hit to add to your desserts, these caramel pearls are quite simply irresistible.
Valrhona Inspirations Strawberry Cocoa Butter Feves
14.95 14.95 14.950000000000001 AUD
Notes of strawberry confit : With its fruit couvertures, Valrhona is opening up new creative possibilities for each and every artisan who wants to stand out from the crowd.
Strawberry Inspiration combines the intense, gourmet flavour of strawberry confit with the unique texture of chocolate.
Valrhona Inspirations Passionfruit Cocoa Butter Feves
13.95 13.95 13.950000000000001 AUD
Couverture Notes of tangy exotic fruit : With the development of PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION, our experts were able to innovatively replace cocoa with powdered passion fruit juice, opening up new creative possibilities for each and every artisan who wants to stand out from the crowd. 
Valrhona Inspirations Almond Cocoa Butter Feves
12.95 12.95 12.950000000000001 AUD
Couverture Fresh almond :
The first of its kind, ALMOND INSPIRATION features the creamy texture of chocolate with the sweet intensity of pure natural almond. Ground almonds are mixed with cocoa butter, sugar, and lecithin to create a completely unique product with all the freshness of almonds in the form of a chocolate. This product is naturally gluten and dairy free.
Callebaut Milk Gianduja 5kg Block
140.00 140.00 140.0 AUD
Flavour: Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut
Size: 5kg Block
Callebaut 100% Hazelnut Paste 5kg
279.95 279.95 279.95 AUD
Callebaut's 100% Hazelnut paste contains nothing but the finest European hazelnuts, hand picked to create a product that exceeds all expectations. The hazelnuts are picked, shelled and roasted under immaculate conditions to ensure the best quality flavours, whilst also preserving all essential oils, giving the paste a smooth and exuberant taste.
A lovely hazelnut flavour coupled with a rich golden colour, the Hazelnut paste is a perfect combination with a variety of flavours, especially chocolate. A great base to be used in ice creams, pralines, and ganache, the paste is unrivalled in creating a rich nutty flavour.
Callebaut Hazelnut Praline 50/50 5kg
169.95 169.95 169.95000000000002 AUD
Callebaut Almond Praline 50/50 5kg
145.00 145.00 145.0 AUD
A praline filled with almonds of the highest quality, Callebaut's Almond Praline is a flavoursome and fluid paste. Golden Brown in Colour, this almond praline is a perfect addition to chocolate, helping to create a nutty flavour to any dessert. Made with 46.2% almonds, it's a great flavouring for ice creams, mousses and ganaches.
Callebaut Caramel Filling 5kg Bucket
89.95 89.95 89.95 AUD
This Caramel Filling is a perfect ready to go caramel with a butter toffee flavour. Enriched with deep golden colour, this filling is a perfect addition to your chocolate desserts and confectionery creations. Chefs recommend to heat to max 25-30° prior to use to create an easy to use filling. Couple with cocoa nibs to create a crunchy texture to your desserts. Perfect to be used with ice cream, pastries and mousses.
Callebaut Strawberry Callets
19.95 19.95 19.95 AUD
Flavour: Strawberry
Colour: Pink
Size: 1cm in diameter
Made with Couverture chocolate
Callebaut Caramel Callets
24.95 24.95 24.95 AUD
Callebaut Caramel Callets are a perfect combination of Callebaut's iconic milk chocolate flavour with a delicious pure caramel. Enriched with a golden brown caramel flavour, temper these callets in a similar fashion to other milk chocolate varieties, the caramel callets are perfect for moulding, flavouring and decorating. Chefs recommend pairing this rich caramel flavour with hazelnut or contrasting flavours such as apple and passionfruit. Perfect for use in chocolate clusters, cakes, mousse and truffles.
Callebaut Gold Caramel Callets
17.95 17.95 17.95 AUD
Flavour: Caramel
Colour: Gold
Size: 1cm in diameter
Made with Couverture chocolate
Callebaut Orange Callets
19.95 19.95 19.95 AUD
Flavour: Orange
Colour: Orange
Size: 1cm diameter
Made with Couverture chocolate
Callebaut Ruby Crispearls
11.95 11.95 11.950000000000001 AUD
Callebaut Crispy Strawberry Pearls combine Callebaut's white chocolate recipe with a hint of strawberry colouring and flavour, finished with a crispy toasted biscuit. A great addition to make your desserts that extra bit special. A slight sprinkle on top of a cake glaze or dessert will add a touch of strawberry indulgence. Perfect for ice creams, mousses and dessert decorations.
Callebaut Salted Caramel Crispearls
12.95 12.95 12.950000000000001 AUD
Callebaut's Crispy Salted Caramel Pearls are a combination of milk chocolate and pure caramel, as well as a toasted biscuit. A great snack or a finishing touch to your sweets, a slight sprinkle on top of your cake and desserts will add an unmatched level of indulgence. Perfect for use with mousse, decorating and ice creams.

Callebaut Dark Vermicelli 1kg
21.95 21.95 21.95 AUD
Flavour: Dark Chocolate
Vermicelli Size: 0.05cm to 0.12cm long
Made with couverture Dark chocolate
Callebaut Pistachio Paste
179.95 179.95 179.95000000000002 AUD
Flavour: Pistachio
Made from 100% Pistachio
Cadbury Dairy Milk Flake Garnish
12.95 12.95 12.950000000000001 AUD
Cadbury Dairy Milk Flake Garnish
Weight: 500g
Also available in a 5kg bulk box
Cadbury Dark Choc Garnish Flake
11.95 11.95 11.950000000000001 AUD
Cadbury Dark Choc Garnish Flake
Weight: 500g
Also available in a 5kg box
Cadbury Dream White Flake Garnish
16.95 16.95 16.95 AUD
Cadbury Dream White Flake Garnish
Weight: 500g
Also available in a 5kg bulk box
Callebaut Dark Chocolate Crispearls
9.95 9.95 9.950000000000001 AUD
Dark chocolate Crispearls are tiny in size, but are full of flavour. Made with the Callebaut's famous 811 recipe, these small beads have an intense dark chocolate flavour, with strong hints of roasted cocoa. These pearls are a perfect finishing touch to your pastries and desserts, with a slight sprinkle on top to add an elegant touch of flair. A great addition to bavarois, mousse, ice cream and truffles.