If you are feeling grateful to someone, you could give them a box of chocolates. Or you could floor them with a chocolate hamper. Your traditional box of chocolates says "hey, I love you, babe", "congratulations on the new job", "thanks for sending me that client" or "I appreciate you helping me out of a jam". A chocolate hamper is more like "YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE", "YOU SHOULD BE WORSHIPPED AND CHERISHED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, YOU GODDESS", "I'M FILTHY RICH AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO THAT CLIENT YOU SENT ME" or "YOU SAVED MY BACON BIG TIME AND I'LL NEVER FORGET IT". Yes, in capital letters (although it is generally best not to shout at someone you are trying to thank or congratulate). If you're really, really feeling the love, send the message loud and clear with a chocolate hamper.

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