Gallant guys and gutsy girls that grin and guffaw at the guise of a gratifying gumball will gloat in the glory of our gumball garner. And oh, the colours we've accrued! Gumballs used to be dispensed from a boring old machine and came in the usual primary colours. Their flavour didn't last more than a few minutes. Today, gumballs are a glorious sight to behold, and much more than what meets the eye. Some of the gumballs in our collection of bulk lollies are so atmospheric in their glowing intensity, they're hypnotic to behold. Take the silver and gold shimmer gumballs, for example. Just, wow. They look far too valuable to simply pop in your mouth and destroy. Luckily, the flavour intensity is so striking, you'll forget all about their aesthetic qualities as soon as they hit your tongue. It's a flavour that keeps on giving, too.