Stripy, spotted, solid or speckled, straws are salient for the sucking, slurping and soaking in of spirits, sodas, sangria and sundowners. Milkshakes or mochas with marshmallows, iced chococcino or cherry colas, pineapple party punch or pear prosecco. OK, maybe not pear prosecco. But for everything else, straws are a perky, practical way to give your party a vintage vibe, a retro touch, or a modern twist. Yearning for the barber shop days? Hipp's red paper straws will get you crooning again. Keen to craft a spooky practical joke in late October? Check out our hilarious vampire teeth straws - just make sure your drinks are the perfect shade of crimson. By far, the most popular straws in our huge range of themed party supplies are the soft pastel numbers: sweet pink, blue polka dot, yellow stripe. Pair them with mini milk bottles filled with sweet milk-based beverages in strawberry, chocolate or vanilla.