There is something to be said for picky people. You might find them annoying, but we have a soft spot. Call them "selective types" or "pedants", fact is, they like having a choice. Picky people might wander into our lolly warehouse and spend hours musing over themed party supplies or bulk lollies. That's OK, we like the company. Plus, there's so much to choose from. We don't even mind picky party guests loitering around candy buffets. Opening candy jar lids, sniffing, poking, prodding, scooping. That's why we have a great range of tongs and scoops, after all. Metal or plastic, clear or brightly coloured. Dear picky party guest, at Candy Bar Sydney, you are valued. You can pick, pluck, poke and prod as much as you please. Just as long as you're using one of our tongs or scoops to do it.