If you thought the world of cake toppers was limited to birthdays and weddings, please think again. Baptisms, christenings, church weddings, first holy communions and other religious rituals are hugely celebratory occasions and they too demand the finest. Religious cake toppers cover the gamut of celebratory decoration needs - everything from "simple yet effective" to "God is watching us from a distance so let's save him a piece of cake" to "the Holy Ghost can probably see my cake from all the way up there because it's a shining beacon". Your religious cake topper will have tongues wagging from Brisbane to Melbourne, and when you join the line for communion or simply stand up to sing a hymn, you'll hear a plaintive whisper of "where did you get that amazing cake topper?", probably followed by a hasty "thanks be to God" or a warbled verse. So be prepared to say "Candy Bar Sydney...... thanks be to God".