Coca Cola Can 375ml

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Coca Cola

Never there was a retail company quite so innovative, imaginative and powerful on an international level as the Coca Cola Company. We can all cheerfully hum a Coca Cola jingle we remember from our childhood on command. Every one of us could recall the Coca Cola Polar Bear's dopey grin. Most importantly, we can all close our eyes on a particularly hot day in the dryest parts of Perth or Melbourne and re-create the wondrous feeling of an ice-cold beverage manufactured by Coca Cola Australia being poured liberally and carelessly down our throats. Sweet, sweet relief. So the next question is: what's your favourite flavour? Here at our Sydney lolly warehouse, we are quite partial to Fanta, which is why we bulk buy its three fabulous flavours: grape, pineapple and strawberry. The next time you've a party to plan, stock up on drinks by Coca Cola Australia in bulk and don't forget the ice!

Coca Cola Can 375ml

Specifications for Coca Cola Can 375ml

Size 1 Can or 24 Cans
Colour Red
Flavour Cola

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