Domori Brazil Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 25g

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Domori Land Brazil Organic 70% dark chocolate is made using fine Brazlian cocoa selected from 17 family-run farms located along the Xingu river, in the Amazon area of Brazil. This fine organic dark chocolate has notes of coffee an nuts, followed by hints of jam and elderberry
Colour: Green
Flavour: Dark Chocolate
Size: 50g

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Domori Land Brazil Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 25g

The Amazon rainforest has always been considered as one of the main basins for cacao biodiversity. Unfortunately, increasing urbanization and pressure from industrial giants are causing the destruction of thousands of years of biological and cultural heritage.

The cacao selected by Domori come from 17 family-run farms located along the river Xingu, who bring their harvest to the Central Organic Cooperative. The Central Organic Cooperative only accepts cacao cultivated without pesticides thanks to the particular composition of the soil of this area, called terra roxa, rich in nutrients and minerals

Domori Organic Dark Chocolate

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Domori Ivory Coast Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 

The cocoa selected by Domori in the Ivory Coast comes from an area between the villages of Toumodi, Oulaidon, Taabo and Lilebe near the coast. The cacao is certified organic by the Scay Cooperative, chaired by Estelle Konan. Tasting notes: dominant note of cocoa, accompanied by coconut, hazelnut, bread crust and spices.


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Specifications for Domori Brazil Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 25g

Size 25g Bar or Bulk Box 12 Units
Colour Green
Brand Domori
Flavour Dark Chocolate
Country of Origin Italy
Gluten Gluten Free

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