Domori Criollo Blend 80% Dark Chocolate 50g

Best Before: 31/01/23

The Criollo Blend is extraordinarily elegant for those who want to discover the true nature of cocoa, without compromise.
Flavour: Dark Chocolate
Size: 50g

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Domori was the first chocolate producer to use exclusively traditional cultivation methods for aromatic cocoa plants. A courageous choice, because these are the rarest varieties of cocoa, delicate and with less productive yield. In fact, fine cocoa represents only 10% of the global cocoa harvest, while Criollo, the rarest cocoa variety in the world, represents 0.001%.

The courage of this choice not only enables Domori to produce a chocolate with a wide range of aromatic profiles, but also to respect and preserve the biodiversity of fine cocoa. Since its foundation, Domori has fought to protect these precious varieties of cocoa, their natural habitat and the farmers who work in the plantations.

In 2002, Domori invested in Hacienda San José, preserving seven different varieties of Criollo cocoa, creating a universal world heritage for its biodiversity.


cocoa paste and brown sugar. May contain traces of milk, nuts and soy.


Brand Domori
Flavour Dark Chocolate
Country of Origin Italy
Size 1 Unit