Candy Review: Bon Bons by Kingsway

Bon Bons are small, chewy sugar-dusted balls of delight, available in many sophisticated colours and flavours. The recipe is simple: sugar, condensed...

27/05/2018 01:56:30

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  • 27/05/2018 01:56:30

    Pink and White Candy Buffet by Cakes By Desire

    We may never be royals, but we can certainly do our best. Lena from Cakes by Desire takes the crown for the queen of edible gold! Pink and gold was t...

  • 27/05/2018 01:56:30

    Top 5 Candy Buffet Supplies

    Your Mission (should you choose to accept it): to conceptualise, design, source, and implement the most awesome candy buffet known to man! Step one: ...