Green Chocolate Balls 500g - 10kg

Leave something special out for Santa's little helpers this year; they tend to get overlooked.

Milk chocolate balls with a flavoured candy coating. Made from compound chocolate.

Flavour: Lime

Weight: 500g - 10kg
Quantity: Approximately 250 Green Chocolate Balls per 500g

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Candy Bar Sydney

Candy Bar Sydney is a fantastic crew that works tirelessly to ensure that your events are a success. Candy Bar Sydney is all about throwing a wild party!

It's hard working for Santa Claus sometimes. The feisty elves, Santa's little helpers, they do such a remarkable job helping out, and what thanks do they get? Nuthin'! Everyone knows the reindeer names: Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, but who takes the time to remember the elves? Rudolph's got such a big head these days, he won't even share his carrots around. The elves are starting to feel a bit underappreciated, and grumpy, hungry green elves can't do their jobs very well. But Candy Bar Sydney thinks you can help. When you leave out treats for Santa and the reindeers these days, leave a little something for the elves as well. They go nuts for the green chocolate balls - creamy balls of rich chocolate" candy shell. Grab a pack of red raspberry acid drops for Santa, too.


Size 500g Bag or Bulk - 9kg box
Colour Green
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Chocolate
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia