Green Sherbet Bombs 500g

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Lagoon Confectionery

Lagoon Confectionery is a 100% Australian-owned and operated family business and the original creators of the legendary Sherbet Bomb, a quality product.

Stuff these green sherbet bombs in your backpack before you set off for camp.
Colour: Green
Flavour: Lime
Weight: 500g
Quantity: Approximately 50 black Sherbet Bombs per kg
Made in Australia

School camp. Your friends have been talking about it for weeks. You've got your backpack, you know how to light fires, and as for navigating with maps, well, let's be honest, that's so last generation: these days, you just need a GPS enabled smartphone, right? Well there's something about school camp that hasn't changed in a hundred odd years. That's the sharing of lollies and candy around the campfire, and the sneaking and swapping of candy after lights out. So make sure you head to Candy Bar Sydney and get a decent supply. May we recommend the green sherbet bombs as a crucial part of your lolly supply. Green sherbet bombs are chewy and fizzy at the same time, and they give you a massive buzz - useful for mountain climbing and trading for top bunk priority. Get a couple of bags of green sherbet bombs and share them around with your dorm-mates.

Specifications for Green Sherbet Bombs 500g

Size 500g Bag or Bulk - 7kg Box
Colour Green
Brand Lagoon Confectionery
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Lime
Country of Origin Australia

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