Hot Pink Mini Jelly Beans 1kg

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Tastes just like a bite from a juicy, red raspberry.
Colour: Hot pink
Flavour: Raspberry
Size: 1kg
Approximately 1000 Hot Pink Mini Jelly Beans per kg

There are not many foods quite as delicious as red, ripe strawberries, plucked straight from the vine. When the sweet juice from a fresh strawberry hits the tongue, the taste buds do flips. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to feast upon fresh strawberries year around. After all, strawberry season comes but once a year. Don’t worry, though. When strawberries are scarce, there is a way to satisfy your cravings. Grab a handful of our Pink Strawberry Mini Jelly Beans! You’ll feel as if you’ve just bitten into this seasonal favorite! Pink Strawberry Mini Jelly Beans are an essential addition to any candy bar buffet table. A candy lover’s favorite, these beans are not only bright and cheery, but they taste great, too! Grab a handful. It’ll be impossible to eat just one.


Sugar, Glucose corn syrup, water, citric acid, artificial flavours and colours

Specifications for Hot Pink Mini Jelly Beans 1kg

Size 1kg Bag or Bulk Box 12 Units
Colour Pink
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Event / Occasion Christening
Flavour Raspberry
Religious Halal

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