Jelly Belly Lemon Lime Sparkling Water 355ml

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Jelly Belly Australia

Some of the coolest confectionery trends and traditions come from the United States, and Candy Bar Sydney is thrilled to stock plenty of American lollies for your candy buffet tables. Jelly beans are a worldwide candy sensation that has been around since the 1800's in the USA, and there is perhaps no company better known for the manufacturing of top quality jelly beans than Jelly Belly. The Goelitz brothers emigrated to the States from Germany, and four generations later, the fine American lollies from Jelly Belly are hitting shelves of confectionery wholesale shops and retailers worldwide. At Candy Bar Sydney, you'll find multiple luxury Jelly Belly bean flavours, as well as vanilla and cherry soda. Feast your eyes upon the vast array of colours and flavours such as coconut, blueberry, toasted marshmallow, buttered popcorn, and strawberry daiquiri.

Jelly Belly Lemon Lime Sparkling Water freshens your entire outlook. Each sip contains a burst of bright natural flavors with no funny stuff weighing them down. You’ll find zero sugar, no sweeteners, no sodium, zero calories and zero carbs in our lemon lime sparkling water. In their place, we packed as much citrus freshness as possible.
Colour: White
Flavour: Lemon lime
Size: 355ml

Specifications for Jelly Belly Lemon Lime Sparkling Water 355ml

Size 1 Unit or Bulk Box 24 Units
Colour White
Flavour Lemon
Country of Origin USA

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