Party Mix Bulk Lollies 1kg

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Allseps Lollies

The "Aussie" Lollies, as they're lovingly known, are a favourite with young and old alike. Allseps Bag A lollies, an Australian-made and well-loved product.

Opening a bag of Party Mix lollies is like a never-ending jack-in.the-box of surprises. So many colourful and charismatic lollies to toss about and chomp on. All the lollies you know and love from your childhood are bursting to get out of the bag and into the party. These party mix lollies are a favourite for everyone to enjoy

Specifications for Party Mix Bulk Lollies 1kg

Size 1kg Bag or Bulk Box 8 Bags
Colour Multi Coloured
Brand Allseps Lollies

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