Pink Speckled White Choc Jewels

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Candy Bar Sydney

Candy Bar Sydney is a fantastic crew that works tirelessly to ensure that your events are a success. Candy Bar Sydney is all about throwing a wild party!

Pink Speckled White Choc Jewels

Weight: 700g

Quantity: Approximately 200 Pink Speckled White Chocolate Jewels

Diameter: 2.5cm

Please note this is a delicate item, while we pack everything carefully there may be some breakages in transit.

In Germany, freckles are called "Sommersprossen" - a delightful term that can be literally translated as "summer sprouts". A famous German barbershop style ensemble called the Comedian Harmonists wrote a great song about how wonderful they are, called "I'm nuts about your freckles". Men have been known to write love letters to the object of their affection, marvelling at the beauty of a delicate smattering of freckles. Girls, forget the extra coating of foundation, don't stay out of the sun. Let your freckles shine in all their speckly beauty. Not lucky enough to have them? That's OK too. Head down to Candy Bar Sydney and buy a pack of Pink Speckled White Chocolate Jewels. These lovely speckled lollies and coated with a healthy dose of cheery pink speckles - delicious and charming.

Specifications for Pink Speckled White Choc Jewels

Size 700g Bag or Bulk 8kg Box
Colour Pink
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Event / Occasion Christening
Flavour Chocolate
Chocolate Type White Compound

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