21 Metallic Silver Latex Balloon

21 Metallic Silver Latex Balloon
You only turn 21 once, so go all out and make it a royal occasion.
Colour: Metallic Silver
Size: 28cm

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21 is approaching, an age that's steeped in tradition. Sure, if you live in Australia, you've been able to consume alcohol legally for a few years now, but 21 is still kind of a big deal. This is the kind of party that you plan for months and months. You get one shot at a really awesome 21st birthday and Candy Bar Sydney is always keen to help you plan a night to remember. Now, there might be a yard glass waiting to be chugged down in one go with plenty of encouragement from your party camarades. Or there might be classy cocktails, swing dancing and glamorous costumes. Whether you're planning jelly shots or dry martinis, there's one thing you definitely need. Metallic silver party balloons. Buy them in bulk from our Sydney lolly warehouse and deck the place out from floor to ceiling. That's an order.

Specifications for 21 Metallic Silver Latex Balloon

Colour Silver
Event / Occasion Birthday
Made From Latex
Size Single Unit