Allen's Jelly Babies 1.3kg

These classic jelly babies are an absolute steal at Candy Bar Sydney. The only trouble you'll have is trying to make them last.
Flavour: Mixed
Weight: 1.3kg
No artificial colours.

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Allens Jelly babies are a worldwide classic.  Candy Bar Sydney found it particularly interesting to learn about the great impact jelly babies have made on culture worldwide. Did you know that Beatles fans pelted their favourite band with jelly babies at a concert in 1963 because word got out that George Harrison was a jelly baby fan? In Great Britain, 4000 adults were surveyed about their favourite lolly in 2009, and jelly babies came in at number 6. Not bad! On our home territory, JDRF celebrates Jelly Baby month in May each year, and this year, Aussie singer Alison Hams even released a song about them! The jelly babies are particularly juicy and flavoursome. In fact, you could say that Allens Jelly Babies are by far the most superior jelly babies ever, and we wouldn't argue with you! Grab a bulk pack of Allens Jelly Babies and spread the jelly baby love.

Specifications for Allen's Jelly Babies 1.3kg

Brand Allens Lollies - Australian lollies
Colour Multi Coloured
Flavour Mixed
Country of Origin Australia
Size 1.3kg Bag