Aniseed Hoops 1kg

The sophisticated grown-up sweet with the fun texture of a gummi.
Colour: Black
Flavour: Aniseed lollies
Weight: 1kg - 8kg

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Spice up your next Halloween party with Aniseed Hoops. This unusual candy has the yummy texture and shape of a gummi but with the grown-up taste of liquorice. After all, Halloween isn’t just for kids! Adults love to dress up too and who doesn’t like an excuse for a party or to eat plenty of candy and chocolate? Aniseed Hoops let you indulge your own grown-up Halloween fantasies with their fun shape and complex flavour. Now all you need is a costumes-only policy, a lot of spooky décor, a playlist of wacky tunes (the “Monster Mash” anyone?), and some seriously creative cocktails. Try adding them to a spooky Halloween candy buffet with black lollies, chocolates, and other black gummies. We won’t guarantee that the little ones won’t like these sweet too. Still, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to keep them all to yourself. This is Halloween for adults, after all!

Specifications for Aniseed Hoops 1kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Black
Event / Occasion Halloween
Flavour Licorice
Country of Origin Australia
Size 1kg Bag