Aniseed Sparkles 1kg

Presenting the spectacular, the magnificent, the fantasmagorical, the radical, unbelievable Aniseed Sparkles!
Flavour: Aniseed/Licorice
Colour: Multicoloured
Weight: 1kg
NB: now in a dome shape
Made in Spain

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Remember the circus? The smell of fresh buttered popcorn, the promise of fairy floss, the elephants, the trapeze acts! The marvellous feats and magical music! The troupe members always had names like "the incredible Geronimo" and "Tina the amazing shrinking woman." Well, we'd like to believe that if there was a circus at Candy Bar Sydney, we'd have a performer called "Aniseed Sparkles". And she'd be beautiful and talented, with a bright and glittery leotard, a big smile, and a load of talent. Maybe she could fold herself into unusual contortions, or juggle with fire and water simultaneously. Whatever the "Aniseed Sparkles" act was, she'd be the star of the show, and everyone would come especially to see her. Since there isn't much of a circus 'round these parts, we've got candy treats in-store instead. Our aniseed sparkles are delicious, and just as colourful as our imagination!

Specifications for Aniseed Sparkles 1kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Multi Coloured
Event / Occasion Halloween
Flavour Licorice
Size 1kg Bag