Assorted Ball Pops 50 pack

When the occasion calls for a multi-coloured twist, the assorted ball pops are waiting.
Colour: Mixed
Flavour: Mixed
Quantity: 50 Assorted Ball Pops x 20g
Weight: 1kg

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Aristotle first brought our attention to the rainbow in his writings in around 350 BC. Since then, the rainbow has come to be a symbol for magic, wealth, happiness, acceptance, and in some cases, even delirium. Hindu culture sees the rainbow as a sign of a high meditative state, and in Chinese culture, the rainbow represents the mediator between earth and heaven. Whatever the rainbow means to you, there are a thousand reasons to make your candybuffet as colourful as possible. These vibrant coloured lollies in pink, orange, green, and blue melt in your mouth and will make you happy, or enlightened, or even delirious. If you want other multicoloured lollies with which to shower your guests, may we recommend Wizard gummi bears, Trolli Britecrawlers, 50 Flavours Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly, and of course, milk chocolate M&M's!

Specifications for Assorted Ball Pops 50 pack

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Multi Coloured
Size 1 Pack