Belgian Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts and Belgian Dark Chocolate, a timeless classic. Whole roasted European hazelnuts coated in layers of bittersweet Dark Belgian Chocolate, A chocolate creation using only fine ingredients, blended with a pure taste for excellence. The combination of these delicate ingredients is crafted by our team of artisan chocolatiers at our Sydney based Chocolaterie.

50% Hazelnuts: Hazelnuts Kernels 50%, Dark Chocolate: Cocoa mass 43.5% ; sugar 43.5% ; cocoa butter 12.5% ; emulsifier: soya lecithin <1% ; natural vanilla flavouring <1%

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Handcrafted Chocolates 

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Beautiful Products Made In The Heart Sydney

Our gourmet chocolates and chocolate gifts are created using the world's finest ingredients at our Sydney Based Chocolaterie by our team of artisan chocolatiers.

Handmade Chocolates

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From Bean to Chocolate - A Global Story

With beans sourced, harvested and fermented in Africa, our  Belgian Dark Chocolate recipe begins at the heart of chocolate. Following a meticulous selection process, these beans are then processed in Callebaut's chocolate manufacturing plant in Belgium.

It is here that this gourmet chocolate couverture is created. A combination of the Wieze cocoa blend and milk help to create a rich gourmet dark chocolate, loved by bakers, chefs and chocolatiers across the globe

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European Hazelnuts

Inside our Belgian Dark Chocolate treats are European Hazelnuts, sourced from the Seaside town of Ordu. A global centre of Hazelnut production, these Turkish hazelnuts are of the finest quality. With over 75% of the world's Hazelnuts originating from this region, there is no contest for quality

Following a roasting process in which the true flavours and aroma of these nuts come to fruition, the hazelnuts are panned in layers of Octaaf Callebaut's famous Dark Belgian Chocolate recipe  at our Sydney Based Chocolaterie by our team of artisan chocolatiers.

Specifications for Belgian Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts

Colour Brown
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Australia
Chocolate Type Milk Chocolate , Couverture
Size 150g , 700g , 5kg Box