Belgian Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Roasted peanuts covered in Milk Belgian chocolate - we guarantee, the best you'll ever try!

Soothe that sweet tooth with a crunchy peanut treat generously coated in silky milk chocolate. Dedicated chocolatiers in our Sydney chocolate factory have created the perfect bite sized pick-me-up by handsomely enrobing fresh peanuts in exquisitely fine Belgian milk chocolate.

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It is possible that the chocolate covered peanut is in fact the most meaningful candy of them all. Just mention chocolate peanuts in-store at Candy Bar Sydney and you'll get a cluck, a sigh, or a moan of pleasure. There's no denying it - chocolate peanuts are two wonderful candy elements that have truly found each other. For some people, chocolate peanuts are all about the movies. A flick just isn't a flick without a pack or two of chocolate peanuts to nibble on, drop down the side of the seat, or pelt at friends. For others, chocolate peanuts in the cinema or on the front porch at Christmas time, this year save some for mum, won't you?


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Using only first-rate premium ingredients, our Belgian Milk Chocolate Peanuts are made with naturally roasted whole peanuts and Barry Callebaut's superior Belgian milk chocolate, delivering an exquisitely delectable experience with every bite.

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Fun fact: 'goober', a popular nickname for peanuts, actually derives from the Congo 'nguba' meaning, well, you guessed it -- peanut. An excellent source of dietary protein, peanuts have a protein content ranging from 22-30% or 7g per ounce. 

Rich in energy, fatty acids, and antioxidants, these famous entertainment snacks have also been shown to be helpful in maintaining healthy weight, managing blood sugar and improving heart health. With this range of health benefits, sign us up for the goober gang!

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We’re self-professed chocolate aficionados, which is why our chocolate artisans source high-quality Belgian chocolate made from top grade cocoa beans and prepared only with the finest local ingredients in Barry Callebaut's esteemed chocolate factory in Weize. 

Bringing this fine Belgian chocolate to Australia, we create exquisite and delightful snacks for you to share and enjoy like our Belgian Milk Chocolate Peanuts. A celebration of taste and textures, this snackable chocolate treat gracefully pairs a velvety smooth feel with a surprisingly crunchy centre, bursting with sweet and savoury flavours. The verdict? Guilty on all counts of delicious.

Specifications for Belgian Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Colour Brown
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Australia
Size 150g Bag , 800g Bag , 5kg Box