Black Chocolate Balls 500g - 10kg

If ever there was a chocolate Black Forest, it would be full of these.
Milk chocolate balls with a flavoured candy coating. 
Flavour: Blackcurrant
Weight: 500g - 10kg
Quantity: Approximately 250 Black Chocolate Balls per 500g
Made from compound chocolate.

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The black chocolate balls look and taste like they fell out of a German fairytale book. Take a bite into the creamy rich chocolate centre with the tangy and crunchy blackcurrant candy shell, and you'll see what we mean. Candy Bar Sydney would bet that in forests from the tales of the Brothers Grimm, you'd find black chocolate balls growing on the gnarly old trees. One or two of them would probably drop from the branches and hit you on the head, but you wouldn't mind because they're so delicious. Feel free to pick black chocolate balls from the shrubs and eat them one by one. If little red riding hood comes by, pop a few into her basket to take to Grandma's house. Just make sure to leave at least eight black chocolate balls aside for the Snow White and the seven dwarves on their way back from work.

Specifications for Black Chocolate Balls 500g - 10kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Black
Event / Occasion Halloween
Flavour Chocolate
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia
Size 500g Bag , 10kg Bulk Box