Black Chocolate Beans 500g - 12kg

You look best in black, and so do these Black Milk Chocolate beans.
Weight: 500g - 12kg
Dimensions: 1.3 cm Diameter
Quantity: Approximately 520 Black Chocolate Beans per 500g
Made from compound chocolate.

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You look best in blackchocolate beans. They may look skinny, but their flavour is full figured. Forget the little blackBlack chocolate bean Black Chocolate BeansBlack Chocolate Beanschocolate beans hide under their bright colours, these chocolate beans through and through. A pinch of black on your candy buffet will make other colours stand out. So, why not mix it up. Pour them into our Emily Apothecary Jar or our fun Wanda Footed Fish bowl. But don’t set them out alone. We carry chocolate beans in every colour from red to purple to green to blue! Mix it up. Add these to your buffet if you want your guests to make your other colours pop.

Specifications for Black Chocolate Beans 500g - 12kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Black
Event / Occasion Halloween
Flavour Chocolate
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia
Size 500g Bag , Bulk Box 12kg