Black Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate 500g - 5kg

You might have a black heart, but your taste in candy is impeccable.
Colour: Black
Flavour: Cadbury Chocolate
Weight: 500g - 5kg
Quantity: Approximately 60 Black Hearts
Also available in a bulk 5kg box containing approximately 600 hearts.

For 5kg bulk boxes, additional handling days are required (5 days minimum) as the 5kg bulk boxes are made to order.

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Not everyone is pure of heart and clear of mind. We can't have angels and cherubim running around en masse, that would just be boring. No, there have to be a few dark horses among us - those with a taste for something slightly more corrupt. Perhaps your look is modelled on Batman, ninja stealth, or Agent Smith from the Matrix. Look no further, shady characters and unexpected villains. Candy Bar Sydney knows exactly what makes you tick. Our Black Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate are just as delicious and gooey on the inside as all the other colours, but they're wrapped in an intriguing and slightly disturbing layer of black. The Black Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate will match your outer layer of darkness and gloom, yet still make you feel warm, fuzzy, and sort of pastel-coloured on the inside. Not that you'd ever let on!

Specifications for Black Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate 500g - 5kg

Brand Cadbury Chocolate
Colour Black
Event / Occasion Halloween
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Australia
Chocolate Melts Used Cadbury Chocolate
Chocolate Type Milk Chocolate
Size 500g Bag , 5kg Bulk Box