Black Jelly Beans 1kg - 8kg

Black is the new black, white is the new white, and everyone’s sporting black jelly beans by Prydes. 
Flavour: Aniseed
Colour: Black
Weight: 1kg - 8kg

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with fashion. Whether it’s solid wash denim, polyester jumpsuits, grecian draping, or Daisy Duke shorts, the pace of fashion zooms by at such a frenetic pace it can leave you breathless. And cashless. Candy Bar Sydney got the scoop on this year, though: black and white. Whether it’s zebra, colour blocking, mixed prints, or tweed, you won’t go wrong with black and white. Ever. So if you’re a keen fashionista in the mood for the hottest party of 2013, here’s what you need to do. Grab a little black and white number from your closet and pair it with some zebra striped heels. Hang some black and white polka dot bunting from the trees. Stock the bar with Barcardi and coke. Finally, top up your candy buffet jars with Black Jelly Beans by Prydes, white chocolate milky buds, black chocolate sixlets, and white marshmallows. Voila!

Specifications for Black Jelly Beans 1kg - 8kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Black
Event / Occasion Halloween
Flavour Licorice
Country of Origin Australia
Size 1kg Bag