Blue Chocolate Buttons 1kg

Milk chocolate covered in a candy shell. This blue may remind you of a swimming pool, or the ocean off the coast of Western Australia, or the Maldives, or the Caribbean, or the blue shutters of the white island houses in Greece. The shell candy coating of blue chocolate buttons is a true sparkling blue.
Flavour: Milk chocolate
Dimensions: 1.4 cm Diameter
Colour: Blue
Weight: 1kg

11.50 11.5 AUD


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Team them up with white chocolate buttons and you will truly have the colours of Greece! Or use them as a single colour. They will stand out all by themselves. Blue is normally a relaxing colour, but this is an energetic blue that is bright and alluring without being garish. Wizard’s chocolate buttons have a superior colour range that Candy Bar Sydney is really excited about. Yet their price is within reach of everyone’s budget. You can afford to generously fill up party favours and bags, and pretty candy buffet jars. These are quality lollies for every occasion. They will suit a grown-up party or a child’s birthday candy bar. This colour will stand out even more against a navy blue runner or tablecloth. That’s one of the best things about blue. There are so many variations of the world’s favourite colour, you can never, ever have too much of it.

Specifications for Blue Chocolate Buttons 1kg

Colour Blue
Flavour Chocolate
Size 1kg Bag