Blue Passionfruit Fruity Acids 800g

Acid Drops date back to the 1800's, when candy crafting was an art and a pleasure.
Colour: Blue
Flavour: Passionfruit
Weight: 800g
Quantity: Approximately 90 Blue Passionfruit Fruity Acids per kg

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The humble acid drop has a fascinating history spanning back to the mid 1800's, when confectionery was an art and a decadent pleasure. Candy Bar Sydney loves the traditions of those times, and would like to see a world where the bright and shiny hues of acid drops in every colour and flavour imaginable are displayed proudly in old-fashioned glass apothecary jars. Acid drops are a delicious combination of hard boiled sugar with a touch of tartaric acid, so they're a whole lot of sweet and just a little bit sour. At Candy Bar Sydney, vivid blue passionfruit acid drops are just one of a beautiful array of colours and flavours, so choose your aciddrops according to your theme or mood. They're wrapped in delicate clear wrappers, so you can crinkle and crackle to your heart's delight: though please, not at the opera.

Specifications for Blue Passionfruit Fruity Acids 800g

Brand Lagoon Confectionery
Colour Blue
Event / Occasion Christening
Flavour Passionfruit
Country of Origin Australia
Size 800g Bag , 8kg Bulk Box