Blue Teddy Bears Rock Candy 1kg

Blue Teddy Bears Rock Candy are the perfect deliciously decorative addition at your next shower or birthday party.
Colour: Blue and White
Flavour: Blueberry
Weight: 1kg
Quantity: Approximately 400 Blue Teddy Bear Rock Candies per kilo

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1 x 1kg Bag 29.95

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There are few things that can bring on a smile as quickly as a snuggly, cuddly teddy bear. Make your next baby shower or child’s birthday party a special one by treating your guests to a display of Blue Teddy Bears Rock Candy on your candy bar buffet table. The sweet teddy bear faces emblazoned on the sides of each bite-sized candy are just too hard to resist. Blue Teddy Bears Rock Candy don’t just look good, though, they’re blueberry-flavoured, so your friends and family will enjoy the sensation of nibbling on a fresh berry while enjoying the sweet perfection that is Blue Teddy Bears Rock Candy. Complete your party theme by displaying Blue Teddy Bears Rock Candy in one of our decorative display glasses beside other blue treats, like our Blue Tutti Frutti Mini Jelly Beans. With these decorative rock candies, you’re sure to please sugar (and teddy bear) lovers, young and old. 

Specifications for Blue Teddy Bears Rock Candy 1kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Blue
Event / Occasion Christening
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Flavour Blueberry
Country of Origin Australia
Size 1kg Bag