Blue Wrapped Toffees 1kg

Toffees are already a classic hit, but this blue variety has a smooth chocolate surprise inside.
Colour: Blue
Flavour: Chocolate
Quantity: Approximately 140 Wrapped Toffees x 7g
Weight: 1kg

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These blue-wrapped toffees with their gooey chocolate centres are perhaps the most divine invention in the candy world to date, and a proud favourite in our enormous collection of bulk lollies. First, there's the careful and surprisingly noisy unwrapping of said toffeeblue casing, preferably not in a concert hall or at church. Then you pop it in your mouth and just enjoy that smooth buttery sweetness. Some time goes by and the hard caramel starts to soften, but you have to pick the right moment to bite down hard. Patience is the key. When the moment arrives, anticipate it. Savour it with wild abandon. Let the cool river of chocolate assault your tongue, knowing that the combination of cool rich chocolate and buttery chewy caramel will be blissful.

You couldn't possibly plan a party without offering these, either on the table for instant gratification, or in the loot bag for later.

Specifications for Blue Wrapped Toffees 1kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Blue
Flavour Chocolate
Size 1kg Bag