Bulk Skittles 1kg - 11.4kg

Life's too short for bland grey days: colour your life with a rainbow lolly explosion!
Colour: Multi Coloured
Flavour: Mixed Fruit
Weight: 1kg - 11.4kg

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It's said that you can taste the rainbow when you pop a Skittle in your mouth, and Candy Bar Sydney is inclined to agree. Each of these tiny weeny little lollies is an explosion of fruit and colour. You should probably warn your guests in advance before you heap jars overflowing with Skittles onto your candy buffet table. Rainbow explosions are rad, but one should really be prepared for them. If you're a person who likes everything to have its place, you could allocate the Skittles into colour groups according to your mood, or combine them strategically to maximize the flavour sensations. For example, the intense strawberry red Skittles work particularly well with the purple grape skittles. A lemon lime combination is always a hit too, particularly on Australia Day! You had better buy these lollies in bulk though: they disappear like hotcakes.

Specifications for Bulk Skittles 1kg - 11.4kg

Brand Bulk Skittles Lollies
Colour Multi Coloured
Flavour Mixed
Size 1kg Bag , 11.4kg Bulk Box