Cadbury Ebony 21% Compound Dark Chocolate Buttons

Cadbury Dark Cooking Chocolate, Ebony buttons are ready to melt, form and shape into chocolates, shards and decorations that will hold their shape without tempering.
Ebony is a dark compound chocolate containing a minimum of 21% cocoa solids.
Available in a 1kg bag or a 15kg bulk bag

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Ready To Use

Cadbury Dark Cooking Chocolate is ready to use and does not require tempering


Ideal for moulding, enrobing, panning, dipping and creating gânaches

Made in Australia

Cadbury Chocolate is manufactured in Australia.

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Cadbury Chocolate Tuscany Buttons

A dark compound chocolate that contains 15% cocoa solids and 10% milk solids. Tuscany buttons are ready to melt without the need for tempering.

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Cadbury Chocolate Sienna Buttons 

Milk compound chocolate with minimum 7% cocoa content. Ideal for making sauces, glazes or as baking ingredients for cakes.

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Nestle Kingston Dark Compound Choc Buttons 

An easy to use dark chocolate for professionals and at home bakers, Kingston can be used for a wide range of desserts from cakes, brownies and sauces

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Cadbury Dark Cooking Chocolate Ganache Recipe


- 225g Cadbury Dark Cooking Ebony Buttons

- 250ml pure cream


1. Combine Cadbury Dark Chocolate and cream in a heatproof bowl and microwave for 1-2 minutes until chocolate is completely melted

2. Mix thoroughly and place in refrigerator until firm

3. Spread on your favourite desserts and enjoy!

Specifications for Cadbury Ebony 21% Compound Dark Chocolate Buttons

Brand Cadbury Chocolate
Colour Brown
Size 750g Bag , 15kg