Cadbury Giant Dream Freddo Frog 35g

White chocolate Freddo had a dream to be bigger than life, and Cadbury listened.
Flavour: Cadbury white chocolate
Weight: 35g

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Milk chocolate Freddo reached dizzying heights of popularity when he was super sized to Giant Freddo. Not known for his humility, the little chap was on a bit of a high, hopping, skipping, and jumping around the place croaking with glee. Naturally, his old mate White Chocolate have teeth? Discuss.) Unbeknownst to the bigwigs at Cadbury Freddo also had a vision to be great, to reach for the stars, follow his dreams, and he too wanted to be big and insanely popular. Board meetings ensued and the virtues of creamy white chocolate were discussed at great length. It was quickly decided that they'd overlooked his potential, and now White Chocolate dream has become reality. Candy Bar Sydney always believed in him, and we are over the moon to welcome Giant White Chocolate Freddobulk.

Specifications for Cadbury Giant Dream Freddo Frog 35g

Brand Cadbury Chocolate
Colour White
Flavour Chocolate
Religious Halal
Country of Origin Australia
Size 35g Giant Dream Freddo