Callebaut Cocoa Powder 1kg

Callebaut Cocoa powder is 100% pure cocoa, giving it a rich chocolaty taste which can be used for a wide range of chocolate desserts. The powder has a very fine texture which can be easily mixed into sauces and doughs. Its lovely taste and brown colour make it a must have for decorating and adding flavour.
Available in a 1kg bag or 20 x 1kg bags.

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Made in Belgium

This unsweetened Cocoa Powder is made in Belgium using 100% pure cocoa


This cocoa powder has a very fine texture, making it easily soluble 


Can be used in dough, cakes, sauces and icing.

Callebaut Cocoa Powder

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Callebaut Cocoa Powder

Callebaut's Cocoa Powder is made using the same fine cocoa beans used in their signature chocolate recipes. With its cocoa beans originating from West Africa and the Central Americas, this rich cocoa blend has a pleasant solid chocolate taste. 

Use Callebaut Cocoa Powder in combination with other great chocolate such as Callebaut 823 and 811 to create delicious desserts with a cocoa finish.


How to Make Chocolate Glaze with Cocoa Powder

A simple and easy to make Chocolte Glaze recipe, using Callebaut Cocoa Powder

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Fine Belgian Chocolate

Callebaut have been pioneers in creating delicious Belgian Chocolate generations. Their signature 823, 811 and W2 recipes have become a staple for chocolatiers and pastry chefs.

From Dark, Milk and White Chocolate, Callebaut's Belgian chocolate is one you simply must try. With Ruby now available, check out our entire range.

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